Odysseus Cave

Odysseus Cave

Published: 05.12.2014 u 16:04

It is close to village Babino Polje on the island of Mljet, a ten minute walk through the fields because it can not be reached by car. This cave is located among the rocks and in the sea level. It is very effective and gives a fantastic impression.

Odysseus cave is a cave egg-shaped with a few tens of meters in diameter. It has collapsed vault; therefore named Jama, because watching from the air, looks like a big hole in the ground. The bottom is filled with water. Through layers of limestone, which is separated from the open sea, there is a breakthrough in the form of a tunnel and a cave can be entered by swimming or small boat.

Entering from the sea is wide 4-5 meters above sea level only 1 or 1.5 meter. The sea depth in the tunnel cave is 8-10 meters, while I long tunnel about 20 meters. Access to land is possible via a very steep improvised stairs.

Odysseus is a cave used as a shelter for fishing boats and fishing tools: network, (now banned) Mljet traps, longlines and oars, and is the most unusual port at Adriatic sea, and beyond.

In the summer months, around noon, when sunlight is strongest impact on the area of the cave, the sea provides a spectrum of colors, particularly interesting for tourists and lovers of true natural phenomena and photos. In the Pit itself, mostly because of the high rocks, light never comes.

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