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Central Adriatic

Central Adriatic

Published: 03.12.2014 u 21:17

At our central Adriatic, which is without false modesty boasts one of the most indented coastlines in the world, with the most beautiful islands and the cleanest sea, can be found (on the mainland or an island) is an ideal destination for holidays. Each guest will be there, intoxicated Mediterranean scents, tastes and sounds, usrećivši all your senses, to conclude - everywhere is nice, but the central Adriatic is the best!

Zadar - it seems like a perfect starting point for a tour of the Central Adriatic. Located in the heart of the Adriatic, forms the link between the many islands of the archipelago and the fertile plains of the interior. Zadar is a city on a human scale, because all the attractions can be visited on foot and along the way to enjoy the slow rhythm of the city and the typical Mediterranean environment.

Nin - also called the Croatian Bethlehem. Its old town is situated on an island which is by two stone bridges connected to the mainland, and its diameter is only five hundred meters.

Kornati National Park - "last day of Creation, God desired to crown His work and thus created Kornati Islands out of tears, stars and breath." This often quoted statement of the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw, only partially describes the natural beauty of the Kornati islands, which consists of 152 islands, 89 of which were declared a national park.

Skradin - the town at the upper end of the sunken mouth of the river Krka, far from Sibenik only 19 km, with an ideal location at the entrance to the Krka National Park. One of the oldest Croatian towns, inhabited in Illyrian times, after which the Romans, recognizing the importance of its strategic position, founded a settlement Scardona, which has become an important trade center.

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Things to Do & See

  • Cycling and walking in St. Philip i Jakob

    Cycling and walking in St. Philip i Jakob

    Cyclists can rent bikes in the center of St. Philip and Jakob and enjoy the ride over cycling paths above Sv. Philip and Jakob, to the viewpoint "Black Circle", with a beautiful view of the Pasman channel, the Kornati Archipelago, Vrana Lake and Plain districts.

  • Medical turism - Terme Selce

    Medical turism - Terme Selce

    Terme Selce is specialized medical institution that throughout the year their programs ordinary tourist facilities. Especially interesting is the practice of physical medicine and rehabilitation of sports injuries.

  • Roman Fort Lopsica

    Roman Fort Lopsica

    The fort Lopsica divided the experts of opinion. Some claim that the Lopar was an old Roman fort, while others believe that it was medieval, Frankopan town. The remains of the ruins of the city Lopara were fairly well preserved until the eve of World War II.

  • The Chapel of St. Joseph

    The Chapel of St. Joseph

    The Chapel of St. Joseph was originally a shrine Baroque Church of St. Catherine. The church altar was built under the influence of Venetian masters who in these parts built Baroque "golden altars".

  • Benedictine monastery in Rogov

    Benedictine monastery in Rogov

    Formerly St. Philip and Jacob was a port of a Benedictine monastery in Rogov. He had a fortified abbey with its own church, basement, oil refinery, and salt works whose remains have been preserved to this day and, with the blade and the house and park Borelija Borelli...

  • Trail of Romans

    Trail of Romans

    The trail begins in Crikvenica with a stone bridge over the stream Dubračina and follows the creek to sources near the village of Chandra behind the parish. Its length is 15 kilometers.

  • Olive groves from Lun

    Olive groves from Lun

    Lun is a village in the northernmost part of the island. According to some sources, the name derives from the old Latin and Italian name cape Lun: Punta Longa, lunga - long cape. Lately becoming known for its thousands of years of olive and olive oil.

  • Semisubmarine for sightseeing

    Semisubmarine for sightseeing

    In each run, see something new because it is not anchored or tied to shore. SemiSUBMARINE sails constant speed 1-2 knots, slow enough that you have a chance to see all the details and the marine life is not frightened by our arrival.

  • The Ancient Aqueduct

    The Ancient Aqueduct

    The ancient aqueduct in Novalja is the most important archaeological heritage of the island. These are underground canal - the tunnel, which was built in the 1st century AD during the Roman Empire.

  • Cheese from island Pag

    Cheese from island Pag

    Cheese from island Pag is the best known and most respected sheep cheese in Croatia. It is characterized by pleasant spicy flavor, light yellow to dark yellow color (depending on age).

  • Sheep from island Pag

    Sheep from island Pag

    Pag sheep as the original Croatian breed, belongs to a group of Mediterranean sheep and the result is the whole area of the island, where it is still mainly cultivated. Sheep farmers on the island of Pag and practiced the ancient Illyrians and the arrival of Croats on the island mid-tenth century, followed by a significant growth of this industry.

  • Beach Zrce

    Beach Zrce

    The most beautiful, the most attractive and certainly the most famous beach in Croatia. Its coastal area is a spacious pebbly surface which in peak season can receive several thousand bathers.

  • Town St. Philip and Jakob

    Town St. Philip and Jakob

    St. Philip and Jakob is away from Biograd 4 km. A small town and harbor is one of the most beautiful in the Pasman Bay. Residents of St. Philip and Jacob are mostly engaged in agriculture, viticulture and tourism. Rich Mediterranean vegetation, clear blue sea and beautiful beaches make Sv. Filip i Jakov recognized and popular five star tourist center.

  • Town Novalja

    Town Novalja

    The town of Novalja is located in the northwestern part of the island in the immediate vicinity of the port admits that most tourists to frequent summer is coming to the island. The city is a tourist center of this part of the island.

  • Chapel of St. Catherine

    Chapel of St. Catherine

    Chapel St. Catherine is located in the green of a small park that is assumed to originate from the pre-Romanesque period.


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