South Adriatic
Island Mljet

Island Mljet

Published: 05.12.2014 u 13:42

Mljet is located in the South Dalmatian Archipelago. It is the southernmost and easternmost of all our islands. Provides parallel with the eastern half of the Peljesac peninsula from which it is separated Mljet channel 8 km wide.

Northwestern end of the island (cape Goli) away from Korcula 18 km, and Cape Gruj at the southeast end of the island away from Dubrovnik 30 km. The nearest sea route from Mljet to Peljesac on Sobra Papratno direction is 5 nm. From Sobra to Dubrovnik distance is 24 miles away. Mljet is very well connected. There svekodnevne shipping lines to Dubrovnik and Peljesac. In the summer ferry connections is connected to Dubrovnik, Peljesac, Sipan, Korcula, Split. Lastovo and Bari in Italy. Heliport in the expansion plan as well as the airport for smaller aircraft.

When a single word could describe the paradise on earth, we would say Mljet. Mean high seas, in this magical island, lies the Garden of Eden National Park "Mljet" (from 1960.- that year) that its beauty, harmony of nature, landscape and beaches, Mediterranean climate and with two pearls - Small and Big Lake, provides a unique phenomenon . Justify the name of a national park because with the wealth of ancient forests, bays and islands, with unspoiled natural oasis, part of the fund makes a rich cultural and historical heritage, of which the first place it should be noted Benedictine Monastery of St. Mary from the 12th century, in the Great Lakes as a silent witness to the cultural riches.

Hidden lagoons, dense pine forests and the reflection of the sun in the sea, Mljet make a real paradise for those who like to be outdoors. Visitors can enjoy an active vacation through cycling, hiking, kayaking, diving in the rich waters and explore the Ulysses Cave.

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Things to Do & See

  • Jelsa Wine Festival

    Jelsa Wine Festival

    Every year, during the last weekend in August, organizes the traditional wine fair in Jelsa on which offer the best wines of Hvar, local specialties and plenty of fun.

  • From Jelsa to Split by seaplane in 13 minutes

    From Jelsa to Split by seaplane in 13 minutes

    If you decided to visit the island Hvar the fastest and most comfortable way to travel from Split to Jelsa is from the air. 13 minutes last seaplane flight from the airport Resnik, near Split to Jelsa on Hvar and during the summer season seaplane is flying four times a day.

  • Beach Saplunara

    Beach Saplunara

    Beautiful sandy beaches with fine, soft sand on the southern part of the island near the town of troughs.

  • Procession "Following the Cross" during Holy Week

    Procession "Following the Cross" during Holy Week

    The first record of the Procession "Following the Cross" is found in the visitation of Bishop Milania in 1658. He notes that the Procession began even earlier, starting on Good Friday in the morning or after midnight. The procession "Following the Cross" starts at 22 pm on Holy Thursday, lasts 8 hours, covers a distance of 22 km and includes six parishes: Jelsa, Pitve, Vrisnik, Svirce, Vrbanj and Vrboska.

  • Nights of Antun Dobronic

    Nights of Antun Dobronic

    Every year, traditionally from 20.07. to 20.08. in Jelsa on island Hvar is maintaining festivals for musical, drama and folklore called "Nights of Antun Dobronic".

  • Village Lumbarda

    Village Lumbarda

    The small village on the eastern cape of the island of Korcula. Interestingly, it seems untouched picturesque scenery, rugged coastline and crystal clear sea that surrounds it, sandy beaches which are rare in the Adriatic, the rich history preserved in written documents dated more than two millennia, a shadowy olive groves, an excellent wine from grape varieties which refuses to prosper and where elsewhere, preserved folk customs, culinary specialties of local cuisine. . . but above all - friendly hosts.

  • Odysseus Cave

    Odysseus Cave

    It is close to village Babino Polje on the island of Mljet, a ten minute walk through the fields because it can not be reached by car. This cave is located among the rocks and in the sea level. It is very effective and gives a fantastic impression.

  • Babina Bay

    Babina Bay

    It is located on the north side of the island of Korcula. Babina was the old village by the sea that dealt with fishing and agriculture.

  • Mljet National Park

    Mljet National Park

    It is the oldest national park in Croatia. It occupies the northwestern third of which today extends over 5375 hectares of protected land and surrounding sea.

  • Town of Korcula

    Town of Korcula

    The old, established part of the town was built in the shape of a fish bone; main "bone" (street) extends from the main gate to the top of the old town. If you walk around the old town you will see a straight, narrow streets every 20 meters.

  • South Adriatic

    South Adriatic

    South Adriatic adorned with exotic types of tourism with its beautiful sheltered bays and beaches hidden from view until the world famous trendy resorts Hvar and Dubrovnik.


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