Sheep from island Pag

Sheep from island Pag

Published: 07.12.2014 u 18:56

Pag sheep as the original Croatian breed, belongs to a group of Mediterranean sheep and the result is the whole area of the island, where it is still mainly cultivated. Sheep farmers on the island of Pag and practiced the ancient Illyrians and the arrival of Croats on the island mid-tenth century, followed by a significant growth of this industry.

It is assumed that the breeding of sheep as we know from other breeds, particularly rams, began in the early 19th century. Later he performed several times until the present day. Most trace the Pag sheep left the intersection of 1870 when the Austrian government funded the purchase of 245 Merino rams Negretti, 50 rams hybrids Merino x 21 stranded wire and ram breeds Southdown. This crossing has left the most traces on the exterior of the Pag sheep, and in the literature in 1870 years and usually taken as the beginning of the year of origin of today's sheep.

Today, sheep farming, along with tourism, the most important economic sector of the island. According to the Croatian Livestock Centre from 2007 to Pag we have 532 sheep breeders of registered farms. They are in their ownership had 28,958 breeding stock.

Since in this issue only breeders who have 20 or more sheep, is assumed to be on the island of 30,000 breeding stock. If we add to this the number of offspring and breeding goats, the total number of sheep on the island of Pag is 35 000th.

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